Windows XP Networking problems

   I bought a SpaceCube and tried to set up a network with my RISPC
Kinetic 4.03 through an 8 port 10/100M fast internet switch.
After a lot of tweaking, I got the system and Tight VNC working.
However, somehow I screwed it up and now, I can send files to MyDocs, C
etc, on the SpaceCube. I can rename and delete them from RISC OS, but I
cannot bring files back to the RISC PC or read them on the RISC PC side -
I receive a timeout error.
Also, Tight VNC freezes with a black window.
I have wallpaper disabled on the Windows side.
I am using Omniclient and can open C, MyDocs and SharedDocs.
Both machines ping each other correctly. I have the riscpc as and the SPACECUBE as with netmasking as on both machines. The addresses are in my network Host file
along with loopback as
I can ping riscpc, spacecube and loopback as names as well as number from
the RISC PC and the same applies from the SPACECUBE (although I need to
run Samba to get it to recognise riscpc instead of
I have my BTInternet connection firewalled now as I downloaded the
anti-virus fix from M$, but my network itself is not firewalled. Is there
something wrong with read permissions on my Windows folders and, if that
is the problem, do I need to use DOS to reset permissions at all levels?
Hoping someone out there has come across similar problems?
Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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