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On my table in near future, I have. It's a wide computer desk, across the whole side wall.

The desk is straight, and wide, a true multicomputer desk.

So, the first one in the magicrabbit slims twist contest of multiple amigas in all the time use is:

A600, to the not so far left.
MC68000, MC68010, and MC68020
16" monitor
OS 2.1, 2.04, 2.05
2 Mb chip, 6 Mb fast ram

To the right there's a:
Well graphically, and with gameplay coloured
MC68040, 40MHz, 33 MHz, 28MHz
17" or 19" monitor
OS 3.1
2 Mb chip, 10 Mb fast, (20, 22 fast)

Right right there's a:
PowerAmiga computer
Amiga One
Double processored: Fatso and Slimmer
Wide, as big as the 55cm TV monitor
A wild mouse
AmigaOne OS
100, 104, 106 Mb RAM

The 600 is slowly and later changeable with the 800, the 4000 with the "twelvehudred" with a 68020, 68030,
68040 and 68090.

Thank you kindly.

--+-- narayan --+--
9/29/2005 4:54:01 PM
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