addixion bbs

I just went to the addixion bbs with my Novaterm 10 adjusted to Commodore:
Good use of colour- I haven't counted yet to see if all 16 are used.
40 &80 columns allowed.
There was motion- at a prompt for a yes/no there was a flashing shape (off
angle rectangle?).
The screen froze when I tried to leave an e-mail for the sysop. When I
called back the line was in use.  Perhaps only one telephone line.

I forget whether Hyperlink 2.5 allows telnet (I suppose at least from 
the telnet box on videocam).  If so, the sysop could include gifs, jpegs &
2 sizes of fonts on his site.

I wonder if the site has mor moving images. As someone mentioned here, we
C= users can only see motion (ie flashing or blinking) in telnet mode.

Looks good
John Elliott

4/27/2004 1:02:45 PM
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