Classic Gaming Expo (and Jeri)

The Classic Gaming Expo 2003 is coming to Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel and
Casino, August 9 & 10, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Fresno Commodore
User Group will have a table at this major event.  Special C= guest --
Jeri Ellsworth, developer of the CommodoreOne/C-One board.  Join us at our
table as we go up against all the Atari/Intellivision/Coleco/Vectrex/
arcade gamers!

Just kidding!  We're all one, big, happy family... and do I mean big!
Over 1,200 people attended last year's expo.  CGE organizers call their
show the largest gathering of videogame alumni in the world.

People were lined up at our table in order to buy C64/128's (but that one
Plus/4 sat forlorn), C= disk drives, C= monitors, and games at a dollar
a pop.  If only my station wagon held more...

Last year many a person came to our table to talk about the current state
of Commodore, to get advice, to get references to other C= clubs, to play
the games running on the C= set-up's we had, and to congratulate us in
attending the show (it's good thing you came... CGE has to include other
platforms in order to grow).  Special people who visited our table -- Mat
Allen, a.k.a. Mayhem, all the way from England, and Alan Miller of
Activision (was it surprise for him to see Commodore pop up again!).

And last year I hardly had any time to get away from the table in order
to hear the speakers.  Thank goodness for the help of Paul Armstrong from
the Clark County Commodore Computer Club of Las Vegas.  He helped me
unpack my materials on the eve of the show, manned the table during the
show, and repack my materials at the end of the show.  Perhaps he might
even have a C= table in competition with ours this year!  And thanks
to Al Jackson, president of the 5C's, who let me speak to his club about
CGE the weekend before the show.

Last year Commodore.  This year more Commodore (o.k., I'll try to squeeze
Amiga onto the table, too).  Last year a few fuzzy photos of the expo
(o.k., who turned off the autofocus).  This year digital video!  Last year
a live band playing Commodore music.  This year more live C= music!  Last
year the tail end of one speech heard.  This year one or two speakers to
hear, if I can break away from the table.  Last year hardly any time to
check out the other tables (will that Atari item work on my Commodore?).
This year more time to see the other vendors' tables.  Last year G4 TV
coming around for an interview.  This year who knows what wacky reporter
is going to come to our table?  Last year next to the table of
OlderGames.com, manned by R.W. Bivens and his crew, who appreciated our
C= table.  This year R.W. returning with the release of Weird World
for the C64, among his other non-C= releases.  This year is shaping
up to be great!

For more information on the Classic Gaming Expo, go to


Below is an edited summary of this year's expo, courtesy of the CGE
website (check out that list of speakers, especially those who wrote
or had converted games for the Commodore and/or Amiga).

                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group


Classic Gaming Expo enters it's sixth year as the world's first and
largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of
yesteryear. The 2003 event is shaping up to to be the biggest and best
ever, with lots of surprises to be announced as the show draws near!

* This year is prime to be the biggest and best ever, sponsored and
supported by Digital Eclipse, Intellivision Productions, Telegames
USA, Tips & Tricks magazine, and Twin Galaxies.

* Meet the Legends of video gaming! Dozens of video gaming's "alumni"
will be present.

* These greats will be speaking at a series of keynotes that extend
from the beginning of the day on Saturday through the end of the day
Sunday, and will also be on hand to meet and greet attendees and sign
autographs. Bring your games!

* The CGE Museum features over 500 items including many one-of-a-kind
items. The museum contents change with each year so you're always
guaranteed to see something new that's probably quite old - and rare!

* The CGE Classic Arcade features over 50 coin-op machines set to f
replay. Revisit the games of yesteryear and see why there's no era like
the classic era.

* Classic game consoles are set up along the ballroom interior. Bring
back some memories of your Atari 2600, Vectrex, or Nintendo NES.

* Live musical entertainment, featuring some very talented artists who
bring classic game themes to life, including 8-Bit Weapon, FirestARTer,
and the C-Men.

* Prizes and tournaments at every turn, including several sponsored by
Twin Galaxies and JagFest.

* Each year, new games are debuted and released. This information is
typically saved until very close to the show, so check the front page for
updates. Already announced: CGE Services' Entity for Atari 2600
and Good Deal Games' ColecoVision 14-in-1 Pack, Volume I. More to

* A live auction is held on Saturday night after the show, where many
rare and one-of-a-kind items are put on the block. You could end up
getting the deal of a lifetime!

* Participate in Saturday's "Swap Meet", an hour session bringing
collectors and retro gamers together for some wheelin' and

* G4 TV and Retrogaming Radio will be broadcasting live from the show.

* Dozens of exhibitors with classic gaming ware will be on hand,
including Atari2600.com, B&C Computervisions, Digital Press, Good
DealGames, HanaHo, Intellivision Productions, The Lost Levels, NWCGE,
Oldergames.com, Packrat Games, Songbird Productions, Telegames USA,
Twin Galaxies, and Vintagegamer.net.

* Don't miss special events hosted by our show's exhibitors, like
Digital Press' annual Classic Video Game Jeopardy or this years'
Nintendo World Championship redux tournament hosted by The Lost
Levels. Fun, games, and prizes around every corner.

We've got some incredible things lined up for this year's show
including new guests, new game releases, an even bigger museum
display, and more of everything else you've come to expect from CGE.

Classic Gaming Expo will take place at Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel
and Casino in the newly revitalized Downtown Las Vegas. Its convention
facilities are the largest Downtown, and over 21,000 square feet of
space (three times more space than World ofAtari '98) has been reserved
for CGE 2003.

The Plaza Hotel is a complete resort with over 1,000 spacious rooms
and suites; acres of action-packed casino excitement; extraordinary
dining at its world famous Center Stage Restaurant, which overlooks
the "Fremont Street Experience" light and sound show with its 2.1
million lights and booming symphonic sound - a must-see attraction;
entertainment in its Showroom and Omaha Lounge and much more. Other
amenities include a year-round pool/sundeck with a quarter-mile
jogging track, tennis courts to keep you fit during your stay, a
wedding chapel, gift shops, barber shop and beauty salon, liquor
store, a one-of-a-kind Jerky Shop, Coffee and Cravings, ice cream
parlor, two snack bars, McDonald's, Subway, and an arcade.

If gambling is your thing, The Plaza has acres of action-packed
Casino excitement with Live Keno and all the popular table games of
chance that makes Las Vegas the Fun Capitol of the world. It also has
1,600 loose slots including penny slots. The Plaza's dynamic Race
and Sports Book is where you can bet on the horses or your favorite
sports in the largest book downtown.

Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel and Casino is conveniently located only 9
miles from McCarran International Airport.

It's time to get your trip in order, and CGE Services has lined up a
number of discounts to assist you with the costs of travel and lodging
to Las Vegas. Discounts at the show's hotel, Jackie Gaughan's Plaza
Hotel and Casino, plane fare discounts from Southwest Airlines and
Continental Airlines, and car rental discounts from Payless/Allstate
can all be found right here on our discount page... just remember to
give them the secret codes!

We have a special treat for attendees this year from across the pond.
It's "MicroMusic Invasion 2003"! That's right, we'll have Chiptune
Super Stars from Europe rocking the "haus" this year. This
international line-up will include (but is not limited to):
FirestARTer from Germany, with his "8-bit elektro jams"; The C-Men
from Holland, Micromusic VJ's (video DJ's!); the CGE veteran band
8-Bit Weapon from LA, remixers of classic Commodore game tunes; and
Shey from Santa Barbara, spinning nothing less than the best 8-bit
remixes & plenty of 80's pop classics! Prepare yourself, the MicroMusic
Invasion is coming!

Tickets for the 2003 show are now on sale. Sign up during our Advance
registration period to get your weekend pass for only $25 (that's $10
off the at-the-door price!).  Pre-registration for CGE 2003 is now
underway and will lastthrough July 25th, 2003. Pre-registration saves
you $5 off the at-the-door admission price!

Order through PayPal or Order through the Mail

* There are two registration options currently available to you:

1. Pre-registration is available after May 30th until July 25th,
2003.  Tickets purchased after the Advance Registration period has
ended but before July 26th are still eligible for a smaller
discount at $30 for a weekend pass.

2. At-The-Door Registration is available to those who missed both
discount periods.  Tickets purchased at the door are $35 for the
weekend pass or you also have the option of purchasing single-day
passes at $20 for Saturday and $15 for Sunday.

* All paid attendees will receive a free copy of the CGE 2003(TM)
Souvenir Show Program.

* All Advance or Pre-registered attendees will receive a
personalized CGE 2003(TM) name badge available for pick-up at the


Below is a list of distinguished guests who have confirmed their plans
to attend Classic Gaming Expo. Please note, the people we invite as
celebrity guests tend to confirm their plans as close to the show's
date as possible.

This list can change at any time and will very likely not grow rapidly
until the last few weeks before the show.  Last updated: June 21, 2003

Activision designer responsible for the Atari VCS games Megamania,
Barnstorming, Plaque Attack, Frostbite and Seaquest.

Best known for the arcade hit Q*Bert while at Gottlieb, Warren was
also responsible for Joust 2 and Us vs. Them.

Andrew joined Atari in 1981 where he was a sound designer and
software engineer for dozens of 2600 and 5200 games. He also designed
several sound editors for the Atari 800.

Co-founder of Electronic Games Magazine, the first and most popular
publication devoted strictly to electronic entertainment.

Created the graphics for the Intellivision games Motocross, Loco-Motion
and Space Shuttle, and co-designed Magic Carousel and Hover Force.

Worked in the hardware division of Atari in the early 1980's. Best
known for designing the Atari 2600 and 5200 Trak-Ball controllers.

Co-founder of Electronic Games Magazine, the first and most popular
publicated devoted strictly to electronic entertainment.

Programmed & Designed the incredible Crystal Castles arcade game as
well as numerous other titles for various consoles. Franz was the
world record holder for Centipede in 1981 and is currently the
Chairman of Actual Entertainment.

Mattel programmer with PBA Bowling to his credit. After moving onto
Imagic, Rick designed and programmed both Microsurgeon and Truckin'.

Alan wrote several 2600 games for Atari before co-founding
Activision where he authored such classics as Checkers, Tennis, Ice
Hockey, Starmaster, and Robot Tank.

Best known for his work at Cosmi from 1982 through 1989. His hits
included Forbidden Forest, Aztec Challenge, Caverns of Khaftka, Super
Huey Helicopter, Beyond the Forbidden Forest, Huey II, Def Con 5, Navy
Seal, and The President Is Missing. Since then he has been involved in
numerous, diverse gaming projects.

A graphics artist who contributed to BurgerTime, Mission X, Super
Pro Football, Scooby Doo's Maze Chase and Flintstone's Keyboard Fun.
Currently with Disney, working on animated feature films.

Intellivision programmer while at Mattel Electronics and designer
of TRON Solar Sailer for the system. Co-founder of Intellivision
Productions, makers of "Intellivision Lives!," a CD-ROM compilation of
the original games for play on the PC and Mac.

Co-designed and co-programmed the Intellivoice games Space
Spartans, B-17 Bomber and Space Shuttle, designed and programmed the
unreleased Intellivision game Hypnotic Lights and programmed the
Aquarius version of Utopia.

Best known for his work with both Atari and Sente's coin-op
division, he designed Atari Baseball and Battlezone during his first
stint with Atari, then Snake Pit, Goalie Ghost, and Hat Trick with
Sente. He later returned to Atari to design S.T.U.N. Runner and
Blasteroids and co-design Steel Talons with Ed Logg.

Vector graphics arcade game extraordinnaire while working for
Cinematronics. Created Star Hawk, Warrior, Rip-Off, Sundance, Armor
Attack and Star Castle. Also designed Reactor for Gottlieb.

Designed Spike and Bedlam for the Vectrex, Mechwarrior for the
SNES, Blast Chamber for Playstation, the NES Ghostbusters series, and
many more.

Founder of Smith Engineering, where he was the mastermind behind
the Vectrex, a cartridge-based game system which featured a 9-inch
vectorscan display. Founder and CEO of Adrenalin Interactive, Inc.

Created Video Pinball while at Atari and Star Voyager, Riddle of
the Sphinx, Dragonfire, and Moonsweeper for the Atari 2600 while at
Imagic. Also programmed Star Wars: The Arcade Game (2600) for Parker

David worked with other "Blue Sky Rangers" at Mattel Electronics,
designing and writing Mind Strike, co-writing Thunder Castle, and
contributing to the music and sounds of a number of other games. He
went on to found Realtime Associates, which produced all of the 25+
post-Mattel INTV series of games with other ex-Mattel alumni. His
music and audio can also be found in C64, Atari 400/800, Apple II, and
Amiga products.

Atari 2600 game programmer/designer who produced Yar's Revenge,
Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

Designer of Taz, Asterix and Quadrun for the Atari 2600, Kid
Chameleon and Sonic Spinball (Genesis) and Waterworld (Virtual Boy).

Co-founder of Electronic Games Magazine, and concurrently published
Electronic Games Hotline, a bi-weekly newsletter which covered the
latest news surrounding the hobby.

Rob is one of the great programmers of our time. Starting with his
work on the Atari VCS which included such hits as Realsports Football
for Atari and Star Trek for Sega, Rob maintained the highest standards
in game development. He later wrote the Operating System for the Atari
5200 and programmed that system's version of Missile Command. Rob
continued working on various Atari systems over the years (he even did
Lynx software) and is now one of the finest programmers at 3DO.


Videogame historian, freelance writer and author of Phoenix: The
Fall And Rise Of Videogames and ABC To The VCS.

A videogame journalist for over ten years, Zach writes for dozens
of different pulications and webpages.  He has also written over 40
strategy guides.
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