Commodore Cable Special from Centsible (fwd)

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Date: 23 Jun 2003 17:44:18 -0500
From: Bill Griffin <wd8izh@beanstalk.net>
Subject: Commodore Cable Special

I ran across two cases of Commodore video cables. One of 40 column
cables and one of 80 column cables. the monitor end of these matches
with the Commodore 1802, 1902, 2002, and 1084S (amongst others).

My problem? #THE BOXES ARE TOO HEAVY FOR ME TO LIFT!# I need to move
these boxes before they draw too much moisture (through the concrete
floor and fall apart). So I decided to have a Monitor Cable Blowout. I
placed several "Buy it now" auctions on eBay. For $5.95 each plus
shipping ($6.00), anyone can have a new 40 (or 80) column cable for
their Commodore monitor.

For those who don't like eBay, I am taking orders via the phone
(574-315-2794) or email (sales@centsible.com). Since these are not on
the website, I obviously cannot take orders directly through the
website, but I can add them onto any orders placed there. Just email
me with the add-on.

Finally, anyone wishing to get 2 (or more) cables, I will offer a
break on the shipping (I can ship 2 cables for the same price and
additional cables at $1.00 more each). PLEASE HELP ME MOVE THESE

Please rebroadcast this to all the Commodore and Amiga users you know.


Bill Griffin
The new owner of Centsible Software.
rbernardo762 (201)
6/24/2003 3:59:36 AM
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