Commodore Scene #40

Another great issue of the British magazine, Commodore Scene!  Editor
Allan Bairstow has put together another, well-rounded installment, CS
#40.  Let's get on with a description of the CS contents.

On a blue addendum/editorial page, Allan apologizes for the lateness
of the issue, reiterates the postal and e-mail subscription prices,
tells about his busy schedule at work and as a union representative,
and tells of the suspension of sales for CMD materials because Maurice
Randall needs time to complete outstanding orders.  Another blue
addendum talks entirely about JagFestUK, an Atari show which was
scheduled for June 14 and 15 in Rochester, Kent, England.

Onto the magazine itself... 46 pages full of information.  But first on
sales pages, almost every item (which is to say all CMD items) have a
black dot covering the price.  These items are the suspended sale items,
and the CS Importing Service cannot order these until Maurice is caught
up.  The few U.K. and European/Protovision items can still be ordered,
though.  Ordering information is given on the next page.  The next page
has several, large photos of Pocket PC PDA's with actual screenshots of
a Commodore emulator running on them (more on that below).

Afterwards, Allan gives his official editorial, thanking people, talking
about the SuperCPU and IDE64, remarking about color copies of CS, again
telling about the suspension of CMD sales, labeling the magazine, and
meeting deadlines.

The Data Blast section has snippets of C= news culled from around the
world, e.g., how Allan himself discovered that C64's power some displays
at the Beatrix Potter Museum in Windermere, England (ah, the Lake
District... beautiful area).

There is the usual CS letters-to-the-editor page and the column for

Then we get to the meaty material, articles on the SuperCPU with games
modified to make best use of it, a review of 3D Pool for the SCPU, an
article from Cameron Kaiser about his KIM-1 emulator for the C64
(including screenshots), a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page about
the CONTIKI Internet-enabled operating system, Nigel Parker's review about
the Microsound 64 musical keyboard, a review of Flimbo's Quest for the
IDE64, a review of the Remix64 and Instant Remedy audio CD's of C64 music,
Robin Harbron's article of the differences between North American and
European C= users, news of the future conversion of Super Fighter to
the Commodore, a brief look at Gideon Zweijtzer's 65GZ032 processor,
a photo of a rare RAM expansion for the VIC-20, Richard Bayliss' Music
Scene article, Andrew Fisher's interview with ZZAP! 64's editor,
Gordon Houghton; questions and answers with Dave Moorman, editor of
the Loadstar disk magazine, Wayne Womersley's review of C= game
cartridges, and more info on Pocket C64 -- the C= emulator program
that runs on Pocket PC PDA's.  There were no geoTELEGRAPH pages in this

On my two, accompanying, 3 1/2" coverdisks come the programs, Switch It!,
Lightcycle 2, Snackman, Co-Axis, Circletwist, Water, Circlesque,
Funplayer, HIV Expert (virus killer), Star Noter v2.5, Picture Fader,
Hyper, Indiana Jones & the Golden Head, Minesweep, Domine, Jokera,
Krak, Izlaz, BOH It Stinks!, Digitizer One, Electric Cafe, Countdown
v3.0, Hires 2 Multicolour, Vision 2003 and Catalogue, 3D Pool for SCPU,
3D Pool Remixed, Kimcurrent, Contiki, and Flimbo.

                                        Wow, a lot!  Great magazine!
                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group
rbernardo762 (201)
6/24/2003 7:16:55 AM
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Robert Bernardo wrote in message ...

>Another great issue of the British magazine, Commodore Scene!  Editor
>Allan Bairstow has put together another, well-rounded installment, CS
>#40.  Let's get on with a description of the CS contents.
[review snipped]
Very interesting third party review of a Commodore Scene issue Robert.  Your
review alone should get them several more subscriptions.  Congratulations!

Best regards,

Sam Gillett aka Mars Probe @ Starship Intrepid 1-972-221-4088
     Last 8-bit BBS in the Dallas area.  Commodore lives!

6/24/2003 6:17:18 PM