lots of C= stuff for sale in the netherlands

For anyone interested: i want to get rid of a lot of C= stuff including a
lot of C64's, 1541's, cables, joysticks, power supplies, monitors, printers,
books, cardridges and so on. I also have an Amiga 2000, a few 500's, a 600
with books, software and all types of cables, interfaces and other stuff. I
don't guarantee that everything works 100% as i haven't even tested
everything myself yet. Most of the stuff seems to work fine though.

It's not my intention to make any money out of it, so all the stuff can go
for a low price. I bought most of it the last few years, and i'll lose a lot
on it :) But it has to go.

For myself i'll keep a few C64's and some spare stuff, which really is
enough for me :)

If your interested, please send me an e-mail.

6/29/2003 12:22:07 PM
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