<Plug> Hewlett-Packard MPE/iX & HP-UX Servers and peripherals (Buy & Sell - HP 9000 & e3000)

We at Cypress Technology would like to take this opportunity to reintroduce
ourselves to you and any new members of your organization. As a friendly
reminder, Cypress Technology was established to provide our clients with the
best values on Hewlett Packard HP-UX & MPE/iX systems and all related

 If you are searching for any Hewlett-Packard hardware at this time or
looking to upgrade an existing server or workstation, let me know and I can
give a competitive price quotation for your needs.

 Feel free to call or email if you have any HP hardware that you wish to
sell or to get a market value of what your equipment is worth.

We buy and sell all HP 9000 & e3000 servers and related peripherals. We buy
classic hardware as well as the current stuff.

Thanks for your time

Jesse Dougherty
Cypress Technology, Inc
Re-Sellers of HP 3000/9000 products
8565A Somerset Drive, Largo, Florida 33773
727-557-0911 / fax 727-557-0121

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8/3/2005 1:29:04 PM
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