Duplicates to Give-Away...

Fellow HP3000 Enthusiasts:

We're in the process of de-duping our extensive library so as to make room
for additional material.  As such, before we toss some of the material I
I'd post a list of it periodically to see if anyone is interested before
it's placed in
the dumpster/recycle.  The only cost to you is to pay (in advance please) for
the shipping.

The first list of duplicate material available on first-come/first-serve
basis includes:

        Interex Proceedings:

                Detroit'1986            1 set
                Las Vegas'1987          2 sets
                Orlando'1988            2 sets
                San Francisco'1989      2 sets
                Boston'1990             1 set
                New Orleans'1992        1 set
                Denver'1994             1 set

        SuperGroup Conference, held in Washington D.C. 1987 - 1 set

        Cognos Directions'1992, held in Dallas  1 set

        HP Test/Measurement Catalog'1989        1 copy
                (Have other years possibly if anyone interested.)

        Thoughts & Discourses by Eugene Volokh
                3rd Edition (green)     2 copies
                4th Edition (black)     1 copy

If any of this interests you so as to help complete your library, let me
know before
Friday, 2/20.

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