IBM iSeries - was HP Inventory

If HP has taken the time to study it, the iSeries is probably the machine
vCSY should be most afraid of HP 3000 refugees seeing.  When you consider
availability of good applications, the cost of the computer, the RDBMS (DB2
UDB), the compilers (COBOL, JAVA, RPG, C and C++), the batch job processor,
the Webserver, the compilers, etc. you know the stuff that we HP 3000 people
like, nothing else comes close in price.  Then when you look at its ease of
use, it leaves everything else in the dust.  We ported our migration toolset
to use an AIX like enviroment on the iSeries called PASE. We use MF COBOL
there and create an MPE-like environment on it.

When the HP 3000 was first canned, several of my associates said they wanted
to know more about the iSeries.  I contacted IBM and 29 of us were hosted by
IBM in Rochester Minnesota for a 2 day meeting! We paid our transportation
and hotel only. IBM spared no expense to show us the many things the iSeries
had to offer.   We were very impressed. Since that time I have had the
opportunity to become even more familiar with the product line and, quite
frankly, I think it's the value for the serious data processor.

Charles Finley
Transformix Computer Corporation

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> Brain I get the feeling you were just kidding, right?
> It's true that the AS/400 (now I-Series) and the HP-3000 (now HP-e3000)
> have always been direct competition to one another. This is because they
> are very much alike, and (were) the only good OLTP (mini's) on the
> market for a long time. Now that HP as announced the end of the HP-3000,
> the only other machine on the market that comes close to resembling the
> HP-3000 is the I-Series, running OS/400 with DB2. You should look into
> this a little more, the design of this box goes way beyond the HP-e3000.
> It runs the mature OS/400, the newbie Linux, and even Winders..
> Additionally (like HP) IBM as a list of it's own HP-3000 to I-Series
> migration partners, and also puts you back into the one-stop-support.
> No shame on Lisa, not at all. The shame is on HP.
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> On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 08:20:32 -0300, Lisa Trenholmwrote:
> >We have since changed to AS400.
> Shame on you!
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