Re: Accessing MS SQL server or ORACLE database from the HP3K #5

Wayne Boyer wrote:

>pete@bookware3000.ca writes:

>>It's not MS SQL or Oracle but for what it's worth, we
>>once had a Cobol program accessing a PostgreSQL database
>>that resided on a Linux server by using the C
>>libraries included with Mark Bixby's PostgreSQL port.

>I for one would absolutely love to see an example of that!
>Sometime soon (?) I hope to be able to finally spend some time working
>with PostgreSQL on MPE and/or Linux.  Having a known working
>example of how to access it via COBOL is a great starting point
>for most MPE people.

I gave a talk at HPWorld'02 which included source code and linkedit
examples of how to do this under MPE. We used the same 'c' library
that Pete used and took one of our report programs and changed it
from TI to pg and ran it on MPE and got the data and produced the
identical report as the TI version. The talk should be posted on
Interex web site.

Our impressions:

* A good way to get your feet wet and develop in an environment
  you are comfortable with (MPE) without having to have all your
  other stuff ported to Linux to get your tests to run.

* The 'c' library is expecting 'c' like parameters (null terminated
  strings, etc.) and you will have to be conversant in this to make
  sure you get things correct. We built a 'c' library that abstracted
  the PostgreSQL library that is cobol friendly to make our life
  easier. BTW, we used the same library on MPE and Linux for testing
  and development. It was compiled with gcc on each platform from the
  same source.

* Correct linking and correct posix libraries is a struggle, but
  can be figured out. We were able to run our code as a standard
  MPE application without being in the posix shell.

* Performance was not that great so you wouldn't want to use this
  for production, but proof of concept and for learning it is ok.

BTW - see my presentation(s) from the 3k Solutions Symposium where
      I presented updated information on performance and such which
      also might be of interest. These papers are also at www.interex.org.

duane percox

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