Re: job string/streams from within another job #2

Bruce Collins wrote:

> You just need a !pause job=!hplastjob;EXIST after each job to pause the
> calling job until the job completes.

....and do take care to make sure that the 'stream' before the 'pause' actually
worked :-)  there's few things are more head-smacking than to find out you're
pausing for the wrong job...

of course, its worth pointing out that the pause command may not support the
above example.  for folks on older releases of mpe you can mimic the same sort
of functionality with the following:

!setvar hpcierr 0
!stream myjob
!if hpcierr <> 0
!  setvar myjob_complete false
!  while not myjob_complete
!    tell !hplastjob
!    if hpcierr = 1619
!      setvar myjob_complete true
!    else
!      pause 30
!      setvar hpcierr 0
!    endif
!  endwhile
!#  handle the error

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