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>Somewhere, some time back, someone on this list had a neat way to set up job
>streams from within another job.
>I need to have a user stream a job - A, and from within job-A, stream other
>jobs.  Of course each job in job-A can't be streamed until the previous one
>is done.  It was something like an "exists" command.... or a "wait"
>Example of job-A
>!job a,mgr.aaa
>!stream jar111.jcl
>!  'exists' command
>!stream jar112.jcl
>!  'exists' command
>!stream jar113.jcl
>ie I want jar111 to get done before jar112 is streamed....

If these jobs are *only* run this way, why not stream jar112 from just
before the EOJ of jar111?

And what *exactly* do you mean by 'each job in job-A can't be streamed
until the previous one is done'? Does that mean that jar111 has to
*succeed* before jar112 can run, or is it just a case of letting go of a

The above 'exists' logic is only good for the latter case, while the
'cascade' approach supports the former. (But is a bummer if it's only a
resource thing, and jar111 fails, bringing the whole cascade down).

Another approach, if these jobs are only run from 'A' - or even if they
aren't, perhaps - might be to give them all their own dedicated
job-queue, job limit 1. Then you can let them all be streamed at once,
more or less, getting Job-A over very quickly, and letting MPE be your
one-at-a-time enforcer. Again, only works with 'resource' limiting,
rather than 'must succeed'.

Which is it here; why exactly, in this case, must the jobs run one at a

(And I have this problem, having inherited a system with pervasive
'dirty locking'; letting two jobs run together doesn't bear thinking
about. Whether run individually by users, or by a job-A, the approach we
use for the overnight processing. We use the 'JOBQ' approach to
controlling this).

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