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> Good question.  And what if it's a cookie?  And how do you 
> determine that?
> And if I get a cookie that I didn't "authorize", am I entitled to
> compensation for rental use of my disk space?
> John Lee

Or worse yet, what if it's one of these:

Hackers Hijack PC's for Sex Sites

(You gotta be a subscriber, free, yada-yada, minor 
copyright violation below:)

More than a thousand unsuspecting Internet users around the 
world have recently had their computers hijacked by hackers, 
who computer security experts say are using them for 
pornographic Web sites.

 The hijacked computers, which are chosen by the hackers 
apparently because they have high-speed connections to the 
Internet, are secretly loaded with software that makes them 
send explicit Web pages advertising pornographic sites and 
offer to sign visitors up as customers.

 Unless the owner of the hijacked computer is technologically 
sophisticated, the activity is likely to go unnoticed. The 
program, which only briefly downloads the pornographic 
material to the usurped computer, is invisible to the 
computer's owner. It apparently does not harm the computer 
or disturb its operation.

The hackers operating the ring direct traffic to each 
hijacked computer in their network for a few minutes 
at a time, quickly rotating through a large number. Some 
are also used to send spam e-mail messages to boost 
traffic to the sites.

 By hiding behind a ring of machines, the senders can cloak 
their identity while helping to solve one of the biggest 
problems for purveyors of pornography and spam: getting 
shut down by Internet service providers who receive 
complaints about the raunchy material.

The web of front machines hides the identity of the 
true server computer so "there's no individual computer 
to shut down," Mr. Smith said. "We're dealing with 
somebody here who is very clever."

By monitoring Web traffic to the porn advertisements, 
Mr. Smith has counted more than a thousand machines 
that have been affected.

[remainder snipped...]


Tracy Johnson
MSI Schaevitz Sensors 

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