Re: Question re: MPE/Turbo Image, MPE::Image and packed fields #2

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 05:54:28PM +0100, Braun Brelin wrote:
> I tried doing a pack("H8",$key) where $key = <some valid key> and then passing
> that to the DbFind() function, but I'm getting back the following error:

Once thing to watch out for when using the pack() function is the count.
In _Programming Perl_ they warn you that when you use the hexadecimal pack,
you need to count the number of nibbles, not bytes.

Also, what, exactly could be in $key?  You claim "<some valid key>" but is
it in a form that pack is going to expect?

You might also try breaking it up into something like

pack("A2","01") . pack("H12",$key)

You could always replace the "01" with a variable if it changes, but since
it is a character and not packed, you probably should treat it differently,
just for ease of use.


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