Re: shell in job stream

The output of a batch job for mpe is not what a posix process expects.
There is a note on this subject in the itrc: KBRC00004043

Basically here's how you can get it to work:

The problem may be with the width of the job file.  If the job file is less
then 80 bytes in width the remote shell commands will execute successfully.
If the job file has a file width of 80 bytes or more the remote shell
commands will NOT execute and the job may loop because it never sees EOJ.

The WorkArounds:

1) Change the file width from 80 bytes to 79 or less bytes.


2) Change the SHELL command to use the '-c' option.  This will
execute the shell commands from MPE and the file width can be any size.


!remote xeq sh.hpbin.sys "-L"
compress MYFILE
compress ./MYFILE
echo this is a test


!remote sh.hpbin.sys '-c "compress MYFILE"'
!remote sh.hpbin.sys '-c "compress ./MYFILE"'
!remote sh.hpbin.sys "-c 'rm ./MYFILE.Z'"
!remote sh.hpbin.sys "-c 'echo this is a test'"

Output of the job with a file width of 80 bytes:

 44 ********************************************************
 45 :remote sh.hpbin.sys '-c "compress ./MYFILE"'
 46 :remote sh.hpbin.sys "-c 'rm ./MYFILE.Z'"
 47 rm: cannot unlink entry "./MYFILE.Z": No such file or directory
 48 :remote sh.hpbin.sys "-c 'echo this is a test'"
 49 this is a test
 50 :remote bye
 51 CPU=6. Connect=1. WED, SEP 13, 2000,  9:01 AM.
 53 :eoj
 54 CPU sec. = 3.  elapsed min. = 1.  WED, SEP 13, 2000,  9:01 AM.

hope this helps.

Best Regards
Cathlene Mc Rae.

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