Seeking Information Technology oppurtunity. Resume' attached.

Hard working, seasoned IT professional with diversified
experience since 1985. Blessed with a variety of skills,
however my core sets are: Development, small company Mgr.,
and Sys Adm.; all within complex environments. Held
virtually every job title in the rewarding world of IT. I
have a burning passion for my work and take great pride in
the results. I have clear and concise communication
capabilities with users at all levels. Although most of my
background is within the manufacturing industry, I believe
this has indoctrinated me to very complex settings and
allows me to easily adapt to other industries. Moreover,
even though most of my experience is HP3000, since 1997 I
have acquired UNIX, SQL admin., networking,  management,
leadership, MS Exchange, conversion, and several other
valuable capabilities. Emphatically, I�m uniquely so much
more than an HP COBOL person. I have worked hard to learn
streamline skills since 1996 to compliment my enjoyable
legacy history in IT. I am seeking a challenging position
as an MIS-IT-Director, Project Manager/Leader, Senior
Developer, or Systems Administrator within a company of any
size. My salary expectation is flexible and I am willing to

Jim Chance, 419-651-6704

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5/2/2005 11:09:39 PM
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