Printing from an AS400 to a Windows or Unix printer

Is it possible to get an as400 (v4r5) to use a printer connected to a
windows box sharing its printer or a unix box accepting network printer
connections? If so, are there any good docs or links that discuss some
of the options?  Thanks.

mlutgen (1)
3/3/2005 10:04:20 PM
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Hi,  Check out Brooks Internet Software, www.brooksnet.com for some very
good yet reasonable LPR/LPD products supporting AS/400.

Larry T.
3/4/2005 2:33:45 PM
The Praetorian <mlutgen@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to get an as400 (v4r5) to use a printer connected to a
> windows box sharing its printer or a unix box accepting network printer
> connections?

Yes.  Remote output queues send out print jobs as lpr/lpd jobs.  You
need to have the AS/400 configured to send to the right lpd queue, and
the remote system must accept lpd jobs from the AS/400.

I gather that CRTDEVPRT is better than remote output queues, but haven't
had a version of OS/400 that provided it to try.

If the remote system is Windows XP Pro, you can load the "Print Services 
For Unix" package to give it a (weak) lpd server.  This is likely to 
have a high suckage factor.  I've used FreeBSD with very good results.

> If so, are there any good docs or links that discuss some
> of the options?  Thanks.

I've posted a few AS/400 remote output queue definitions here over the
last few years.  Do a groups.google.com search on my email address and

Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota * USA
wblock (186)
3/6/2005 10:43:41 PM

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