Send Spool file AS400 to Text PC file

I need to send a spool file from AS400 to text file in PC.
Fouad.lfn (1)
3/22/2005 5:24:01 PM
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You need to use CPYSPLF to a database file and after CPYTOIMPF and after
FTP - if you use iSeries Navigator (it's free) you just need to copy the
spool file on your PC local drive enjoy it.

"Fouad LFN" <Fouad.lfn@gmail.com> a �crit dans le message de news: 
>I need to send a spool file from AS400 to text file in PC.
> Thanks 

3/23/2005 12:05:18 AM
Run CPYSPLF to convert the spool file to a flat file.

Then use CPYTOSTMF to save it in the IFS.

If you save the file to a part of the IFS which has a share then the
users will be able to see the file from Windows Network Places/Network

If you have Netserver set up correctly on the iSeries then you could
specify the destination of the stream file to be a share on one of your
Windows machines.

See my article for more about this at:



3/23/2005 2:01:26 PM

If you are looking for a more comprehesive commercial software solution, RPM
Select from Brooks Internet Software (www.brooksnet.com) has a very good,
easy to use, GUI based interface that could manage your spool files.  Many
of my customers use it in conjucntion with my Document processing, OctoTools
software, to bring text and report info from the
AS/400 to a PC for further processing.


Larry T.
3/23/2005 2:16:01 PM
You could just use opsnav & drag the spool to the PC, if this is 
one-time. It works very well..

Fouad LFN wrote:
> I need to send a spool file from AS400 to text file in PC.
> Thanks
3/23/2005 8:17:07 PM

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I need to create a VB application that retrieves spooled files from AS400 and copy them to my PC. How do you do it with Client Access Express and VB? Do you have any sample codes? Thanks. Hello Mike, You can use FTP is you want to write all the logic yourself to copy the spool file with CPYSPLF and then download the results. If you're open to commercial options, take a look at our WinSpool/400 Report Download Software. WinSpool/400 can be used as an interactive download tool or you can use the ActiveX API to automate your own download processing. Client Access IS NOT required to use...

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