Upper & lower case passwords

I am moving to password level 2.  I also want to require at least one
upper and one lower case characher in the password.  Level 2 is not
requiring this.  How can I get these rules to work?

kim_kuras (61)
4/29/2005 4:24:30 PM
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As far as I know, you can't specify case in your password complexity
settings.  You can write a program to verify password complexity, but that
may be more work than you want to do...
This is the way things are in v5r2.. Anybody with v5r3 care to comment?

<kim_kuras@dartcontainer.com> wrote in message
> I am moving to password level 2.  I also want to require at least one
> upper and one lower case characher in the password.  Level 2 is not
> requiring this.  How can I get these rules to work?

jimcoo1 (14)
4/29/2005 4:41:25 PM
Thanks Jim.  Forgot to mention I have several systems at 5.1 and 5.2.
We have written a program which should capture the password rules,
changed QPWDVLDPGM to *REGFAC and attached the profram to exit program
IBM_QSY_VLD_PASSWRD - VLDP0100/  Still doesn't require upper and/or
lower case via the CHGPWD command.  It will let me use upper and lower
case but does not require it.


kim_kuras (61)
4/29/2005 4:55:31 PM
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