Re: pc games needs to get used to not owning a physical copy of his software

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>> > On Jun 27, 9:49 am, roundy_whotookmyn...@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
>> > > so you claim... at least danger showed the CD he bought (even if it
>> > > was a pirated copy).  people have been asking you to show  your
>> > > "collection" for years and you still haven�t done it.  what have you
>> > > got to hide?  your "units" don�t have the name of the game written in
>> > > a green pen do they, hmmm?
>> >http://pcgames2006.tripod.com/pcgbought.htm
>> It's funny how all the games you apparently bought in October 2006
>> seem to be all wrap in their original plastic. So you try to tell me
>> that you never open them to play. You are telling me that you bought
>> all those game during the month kept them in their plastic and took a
>> picture without playing them. I seriously think you are a liar and you
>> took that picture on the internet and now you pretend it's you
>> collection. Pc games you are LAME and TWIT
>> And despite repeated requests, we have never seen any further photos showing
>> all his latest games, seeing as he buys more per day then most people, yet
>> can't afford to import STALKER from the US.
> Or maybe, he had to sell is camera to import STALKER and that would
> explain he can't show us a new picture of is famous collection. I
> heard his collection is so huge that people walk miles and miles to go
> see it and take a picture of it.

Its so big its visible on Google maps/earth
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6/29/2007 4:51:34 PM
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