90's Game -- Spielberg's "Director's Chair"

This seems like a long shot (get it...long shot?) but is anybody
reading this group familiar with a game called Steven Spielberg's
Director's Chair from the mid-nineties? Actually, it's more of a movie-
studio familiarizer than a game, per se, but it does have its strong
points in terms of recreating a certain, Hollywood-y atmosphere.

I'm curious because, when I run this program on a Windows 2000 box, I
keep hitting an "Internal Error" during my first dip in The Lab. I can
hear the first line of dialogue repeat about three times, then it
shuts me down. Because my edited filmstrip remains in memory, I can
bring it back to the lab, again and again, with the same result.

Just wondeting if this is a common error, or a bug in my own stuff.

Also, another idea: Can completed movies from this game be imported to
You Tube?

What needs to be done with a saved film to get it up on youtube, and
is there a chance somebody may clamp down on it when it's showing

Thanks for the help...
8/27/2008 8:26:36 PM
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