9533 floppy transplant a success (KTM-2000/M70 rev D success on P70?)

Even though I am surrounded by incompetents, the transplant was a total 
success. The helicopter hadn't even lifted off the Life Flight pad and I 
had the system booted and did a DIR on the floppy drive.

One thing I did note, the 9533 hard drive is a 810MB model... But  after 
Ontrack loads I do a DIR on C: and it is 410MB. Methinks confusion is at 
play here. It works, so I don't care enough to nuke the village in order 
to save it.

Back to the 8573 experiments. "Adam", a microchannel operative deep in 
Poland, is reporting that an 80nS Kingston KTM-2000/M70 is booting in 
SIMM positions 1 and 2, but the system barfs if it is in position 3 or 4.

He took a picture at great risk to himself that shows the KTM-2000/M70 
is a Rev D. Everybody knows the secret agents of the EU are always on 
alert for challenges to the official cult.

My M70 has four horizontal chips, each of equal size. But "Adam" has 
obviously penetrated the secret vault and discovered a KTM-2000/M70 with 
two horizontal rows of chips,  four chips on the left and four chips on 
the right, MCM414256J80, in the center there are four (4) chips marked 

I sincerely hope "Adam" is not on Hillary Clinton's email list, he might 
not be around very long...
8/11/2016 9:14:09 PM
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