Auc-tion: IBM PS2 77 9577 Micro Channel MCA Microchannel


End time: Nov-07-06 19:45:51 PST (4 days 16 hours)
Shipping costs: Not specified
Ships to: United States
Item location: Webster, Wisconsin, United States

This is an older IBM Personal Computer. It is one of IBM's Micro Channel 
Architecture PC, model: 9577. It has 8mb RAM, XGA Video, SCSI card and hard 
disk, and a 2.88 disk drive. The unit seems to work very well, and it has 
Windows 95 installed on it. So if your looking for a vintage piece of 
computer history, this would fit that catagory. No software comes with this, 
except for the Windows 95 that is intalled in it, and you will have to 
reinstall your own licensed operating system. I will ship to the lower 48 
states, and no international shipping. If you have any questions, please 
feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking.

PS/2 77 486DX2
Looks clean; slots 2-5 emptied.

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11/3/2006 11:46:37 AM
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Hi Jelte,
> "...model: 9577. ...XGA Video, SCSI card..."
> PS/2 77 486DX2
> Looks clean; slots 2-5 emptied.
     Bermuda planar, as expected by the badge marking. Although a Lacuna 
could presumably have an XGA adapter installed to supplant the planar S3 
video, this is an XGA-2 adapter typical on the Bermudas. The SCSI is planar, 
not adapter based (not correcting you, but the seller).

11/3/2006 3:18:27 PM