Auction: IBM PS/2 model 9585-0XF complete w/ extras Low shipping #2

End time:	May-11-07 18:39:31 PDT
5/7/2007 3:33:13 AM
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The seller has listed this system before. I bid on it, and won.

After hearing nothing for little while, I got a notice of refund from the 
seller and PayPal. The seller didn't feel they could complete the 
transaction at this time. I'm glad this went smoothly, but I still wanted 
the computer. (One can never have enough 9585 systems...)

Buyer Beware...!

William the Suspicious 

5/7/2007 3:42:36 AM
On Mon, 07 May 2007 03:42:36 GMT, William R. Walsh wrote:

> (One can never have enough 9585 systems...)

I remember years ago when one seller had a pallet of them and they
were $20 each.  With versions supporting F/W on the planar as well as
the POD, I always thought of the Model 85 as the system that was
ALMOST really cool ...

Except that it needed the funky RAM in the larger modules, and you had
to bend the POD pin, and a few other things ...


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5/7/2007 10:27:51 PM

> With versions supporting F/W on the planar  as well as the POD

Those were the K/N models. What I have so far are "X" models...soldered
486SX-33, 64MB RAM maximum, onboard "Spock" SCSI. As far as uptime goes,
I've been thrilled. The Win95 system will go for a month without being
rebooted, as long as I'm not doing anything too unreasonable. The NT and
OS/2 units both just stay up and up. I haven't restarted either one in a
while. There is another one running Debian Linux. It too is quite reliable,
although I don't use it anywhere near as much as the others.

The X doesn't support a POD of any type, but it can and will take the AMD
486 running at 133MHz.

If you have a PS/2 9585 K or N model that you'd consider parting with, then
please dig it out. I'd like to get one cheap--but if I have to, I'll make it
worth your while. (Of course, there is some definition of "reasonable
expenditure" as well.) I just want *one* and have been looking for a few
years now.


5/8/2007 2:50:56 AM