FS: PORTABLE CANON (GENUINE, NEW/not used) - PRINT/INK CARTRIDGES (LOT, not single). BCI10, BCI11, etc for BJC50, 55, 70, 80, 85 & other CANON printers (& some Apple printers). $12 on Ebay

Posted on Ebay, item# 330331170291.  Goto www.ebay.com & enter this
item# 330331170291 into search window (or item# window); BUY NOW
OPTION is AVAILABLE, i.e. NO need to wait for Auction ending.
Do NOT reply on Newsgroups (I just posted here, but will NOT read) -
instead contact via Ebay (best) or Email.  My Ebay feedback is 100%
positive, not to mention 13 YEARS of Newsgroups trading without
complains, and it's best to deal via Ebay though will

respond to regular email also.

Please read description there, but a few facts are copied here:

1) NEW (sealed) Canon cartridges for their portable printers:
BJC50/55/70/80/85/30 & other CANON.
GENUINE CANON (made in Japan, from CompUSA before it went out of
business here).  Not fakes which dry out before expiration or damage/
spill into printers - I tried one of generics some years ago, and the
money I thought would save, were wasted as they were

discovered to be dry (unusable) prior to expiration.  I am not one of
those people "attached" to specific brands, but learned a hard lesson
with inkjet cartridges, unlike Laser toners which are OK even if

2) Plus free BJC-series printers LiIon (lithium-Ion) battery, part#
LB50 I don't neeed - take for free please.  Interesting fact - w/o
this battery, printer will not start even if AC-powered (as an
Engineer suspect it was done to make customers pay more, no other

except maybe be DC-filtering?), I don't want to pollute by throwing
battery out.
Sample cartridge part#'s (NOT all but an example):
BCI10, BCI11, BC10, etc. which are Black ink for Black cartridges, or
Black ink for Color & Color ink for Color cartrdiges, etc.  (black for
black & black for color are DIFFERENT, in case you wondered).

http://photos.starium.org --> select Gallery (folder) --> "Computer
parts & supply".

When you see carton boxes on the photo, each box actually holds THREE
(3) cartridges, not one - so the actual quanity is much larger than
you might guess form photo, multiply 5 boxes x 3 = 15; plus 13 single
packs = 28 cartrdiges.  Plus you get storage tank or

whatever Canon calls it - to store cartridges already started, but
temp. removed from printer to make space for another type e.g. when
you temporarily replace pure Black with Black/Color, if you leave
Black in open air it dries out - so this tank is useful (air-tight
So I am selling a "lot of 28 units", not a single unit; hence price
reflects it in case you were scared by $12, it's not for a single
Not sure whether besides ink tanks, my lot contains "carriers" - the
plastic things where inkcartridge drops into, which is way more
expensive than cartrdige itself, but if you look at photos maybe you
will know.  I am not an expert on BJC-series printers, all I know is

that carrier is rarely replaced/needed, all that people usually
replace is ink/print cartridge, but the "carrier" gets worn out
Now check retail prices for these.  You will see something like $17-22/
unit, but I am selling whole LOT for $12 + battery + storage; I
checked a minute ago Ebay people are selling just TWO boxes of BCI10
ink for $24+ !

Why sell?
My printer was replaced, so a truckload of supplies I kept buying for
it cannot be used for myself, anymore.  My current printer is now HP.
As of battery, I don't want to pollute, so take it for free; remember
w/o battery some BJC-series printers won't work even if ACpower is
P.S. As you might guess from pictures at photos.starium.org I am
selling other items also, take a look; email viia Ebay and I will post
here if interested.
StanStar (4)
5/23/2009 7:46:26 PM
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