Possible Microsoft sabotage of XP

Interesting thread in another group:�

> >"<snip> wrote in message
> > How do you feel
> >> ...about the idea that microsoft is using the update
> >> mechanism for windows xp to sabotage the older operating
> >> system in order to drive sales of vista?
> >>
> >>

Someone else replied

> >Microsoft can't be trusted so I wouldn't be surprised. I was reading
> about
> >Palladium the other day and Billy reckoned he could install it on
> computers
> >through updates alone in one year.
> >I never updated Win 98 and 98SE and had a good run out of it. I have
> also
> >never updated XPee apart from SP1 and I never have trouble with XPee
> either.
> >Young Bill will have to do something about Vista because nobody seems
> to be
> >very interested in it or in buying a ballsy computer to run it.

A third person added
> >
> I haven't had any problems from getting updates for xp but wouldn't be
> surprised if MS did cause a few problems to generate sales of vista.
> The fact is that xp works just fine, and I don't need vista. If
> something
> starts screwing up on my puter I'll just load an acronis backup image
> and never get another update from MS again
gamma (31)
1/27/2007 3:29:51 AM
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