iTunes 7: use of external firewire drive in conjunction with internal drive?

I'm somewhat late to the iPod/iTunes craze, but have had my G4 taking
care of the kids' music collections and iPods for a few years. The
release of the new 80G iPod has intrigued me. Before I dive in, I'd
like to have all of *my* music put onto a large external drive I use in
a firewire box with removable trays. The way I look at it, I could keep
all of my stuff there and even back it up on another tray drive. When I
want to update my own Pod, I would simply tell iTunes to use the other
drive instead of the internal, so I'd always be updating my own stuff.
I wouldn't have to worry about a larger internal drive if this would

Is there an easy, straightforward way to have iTunes go to the external
drive in order to update? I have looked through the Prefs file and
recognize that there is a "Search" and "Reset" option, which I suppose
would do this, but it looks as though it would have to be changed or
set each time that the drive was accessed. While I guess that I could
do this when I wanted to update my own Pod, I'd think that if the kids
wanted to update their Pods and I forgot to change the settings back
after using iTunes, they'd be stuck with the music on my external drive
(although it wouldn't necessarily be turned on for them to access and
it is likely that iTunes would "revert" to the Music folder on the
internal drive without "seeing" the external).

Also, since the "Playlists" are part of iTunes, and not the Music
Library being accessed by the application, would there be a problem
with the external drive being accessed by iTunes in order to update my
own playlists? Do I have this basically right? Any suggestions would be

kidpocono (45)
10/7/2006 4:03:48 PM
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