HP Officejet 7310xi printer & OS 9.2.2

The other half gave me one of these All-in-One printer/fax machines for
Christmas, and try as I might I can't get the printer driver to load so
that it can be selected.  It's is installed on my Cube all right (384M
ram, OS 9.2.2) but if you select the HP Inkjet V6.6.2 driver, you get
an error message saying that it couldn't be loaded into memory, and to
increase the application minimum memory allocation.  

So far I've found the HP Inkjet Engine.app that is in the startup
folder, and I've doubled the minimum memory, doubled the OS virtual
memory, removed all of every other printer driver that I had installed,
and spent way too many hours trying to find an extension conflict, all
to no avail.  The HP Mac support group is clueless; their last
suggestion was to contact Apple, because the error message is from
them!  Yeah, like I'm real likely to get support on an HP driver is an
OS 9.2.2 machine from Apple.  The funny thing is that I had no problem
getting their fax driver for the same machine working; it's just fine!

HP claims that their software is compatible with OS 9.1 and above; Does
anyone know, or has anyone gotten it working?

martyb (5)
1/1/2006 1:05:58 AM
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