Free! Old Macs & Mac Stuff

We will give/donate/contribute/send to anyone willing to pay only the cost
of packing and shipping.  All were working when put into storage, but we
make no guarantees. We are located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina,
if you want to come by and see the stuff or pick it up here.
1 MAC IIsi
Power PC 8100/100AV
Quadra 950
2 Quarda 610s
Power PC 6400/180
Mac Classic II
2 Mac SEs
Quadra 650
Apple /// monitor
MicroNet CPKT-600 DAT tape backup drive
Relax Tape back-up drive
Syquest Tape drive, 88MB-C
PhoneNet Star Controller
Zoom 56K modem
Microtek ScanMaker IIXE
repond to <john.rose@cnsghiltonhead.com>
1/5/2004 4:05:23 PM
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