Apple iPod 15gb or Apple iPod mini

This message contains very simple instructions on how to get a�15 GB
IPod, 4 GB Mini IPod, or a�$250 gift certificate to�iTunes�completely
free with only about half an hour of your time. This is real and it
works!� Hundreds of�people�have already gotten their Apple iPod. Just
follow the instructions below.�

1.�Copy and paste this�link:�

2.�Fill in all your information and sign up

3.�After confirming your email address you will have to complete just
one of the offers on the website.�I strongly recommend that you
complete the Ancestry offer because you get credited instantly.� It's
absolutely free�for the first two weeks�and easy to cancel.�This is
the offer I completed.

4. �When signing up for Ancestry make sure to provide the same email
address as on the main website.� Do not be afraid to give them your
credit card number! They are a respectable company and will not charge
you in the first two-week trial period, which is plenty of time to

5. After you complete the ancestry offer you will be credited

6.�The�next day call 1-800-262-3787 and choose 4.��You will�talk to a
representative, who you should tell your name and that you want to
cancel the trial. They will immediatly cancel it for you and give you
a confirmation number.��Your�card will not be charged! But do cancel
it before within two weeks from signing up!

7.�Now all you have to do is refer 5 of your friends by providing them
with the�referral link given to you on the website, or post on
newsgroups like I did and they have to do the same thing you just did
( ancestry offer ).� Your ipod will ship several weeks after
completing the requirements.

Good Luck and Enjoy your iPod!!!
7/20/2004 1:18:03 PM
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