cc65 on Mac OS X 10.3.x?

I just dusted off my old AIM 65, (a late 1970's early 1980's SBC), I
though it might be interesting to make a small controller device using
an SBC, and since I uses to do 6502 code many, many years ago, and I
still have the AIM 65, I thought I could use it as the development

Anyway, I was looking around and I found an open source c comiler for
6502 and it will work on UNIX, so it sounded like a good match, maybe do
the program in c instead of assembler.

Anyway, I downloaded the compiler source, applied the patches the source
and compiled it.  I seems to compile OK, but now I'm having trouble
using it.  I decided to just try to compile the "hello.c" (a hello world
program) included.  Well, that is where Igot lost.  The compiler doesn't
seem to compile.

Maybe I need to install the compiled programs (cc65, the assembler and
linker and such) somewhere.

Not much help at he distribution site (www.cc65.org) or the associated
list archieve.

I noticed that someone on Sourceforge in the Fink development has
started something, but so far "no joy"

Any clues as to what to try or where to look for info would be most


andyda (95)
4/6/2005 5:03:08 PM
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Hi Andy,

> Not much help at he distribution site (www.cc65.org) or the associated
> list archieve.

.... tho I know little more of it other than of its mere existence, I 
suggest trying the newsgroup comp.sys.cbm. Tho this is a Commodore 
newsgroup and not an AIM group, there are a number of people who use 
the cc65 and can tell you more about it.

Beware of Riccardo Rubini and Rick Balkins (aka. wildstar and wildstar128) tho.

Hope this helps.


4/6/2005 7:39:14 PM