USB devices (thru' USB/Firewire card) won't mount in OS9.2.2

Anyone got any ideas/solutions? My beige G3 tower has a USB/Firewire PCI
card fitted, but although the card shows up in Profiler, any USB devices
attached don't show up on the desktop. Not the worst situation except that I
have bought a new Edirol USB audio/MIDI interface and want to use it, but I
can't. In desperation I have zeroed all data on the main hard drive and a
secondary (attached on a PCI card and done a clean re-install of the system
(OS9.2.2), but still nothing. The only difference to the G� being pure is
that the G3 uses a Sonnet G4 1Ghz upgrade chip, tho' I can't see why that
should affect it. What's going on? Do I get tyo use my brand spankibg-new
Edirol interface?

pfgpowell (27)
5/21/2005 6:37:45 AM
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