network printing from OSX-->OS9 via serial printer port

I am trying to print from a MacG4 PowerPC w/OS 10.4.9 to an Epson Stylus 
Color 800 Inkjet connected via printer port (8 pin mini-din serial 
connection) on a beige MacG3 PowerPC w/OS 9.2.2.  The computers are ethernet 
networked via a Linksys router. I am able to mount all of my hard drives on 
on any computer (I also have a G4 iMac, although this post only refers to the 
G4 PowerPC) including the Beige G3.

For example:  I have a .pdf open on my G4 PPC and i want to print it to my 
only printer which is attached to my G3 PPC (it is a non-USB printer..only 
serial port connectivity)..so it must go from the G4 through the router to 
the G3, to the printer port to the printer

Apple Talk is open on both
File Sharing is active on both
Printer Sharing is activated

Hopefully someone will be able to walk me though this step by step for the G4 
PowerPC and the G3 PowerPC or direct me to a forum addressing this issue.

Thanks in advance.


4/4/2007 10:57:09 PM
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