Printer Issues - Change AD Password - Can't Change Printer Settings on Panther

Hi there, 

I currently use my Mac in a Windows only office. They have many printers 
and file shares set up with SMB sharing. They use Active Directory to 
authenticate users to the domain, as well as the shares. They are a 
requirement to change the password every 30 days. Unfortunately, this 
screws up the Windows network printers that I have added into my Mac. 

There seems to be NO way in the 10.3.5 GUI to change the password of a 
previously existing SMB network printer. Is there such a way? Is there a 
key that I need to press? Is there a command line terminal command to 
enter? PLEASE HELP. I've spent hours searching online on Google and 
apple's KB with NO luck. 


P.S. I tried to call Apple Support and they told me that I need to pay 
$800 for this! That's INSANE, esp. since I already bought AppleCare.
10/5/2004 12:30:26 AM
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