Printing from Mac to Canon MP730 USB printer shared by Windows XP machine

We're contemplating purchasing a Mac for my wife, but are hung up about
printing to our existing Canon MP730 USB printer that hangs off my XP
machine.  According to Canon's website there aren't any drivers
available for that machine to hook it to a Mac.

I'm ignorant enough to be unsure whether it should be possible to make
the Mac print to the Canon or not via the sharing mechanism.  My gut
feeling is that without a Mac driver it's not going to work, but
semi-experts have assured me that the Mac can "take advantage" of the
PC's driver to print - something that seems remotely plausible, but not
very likely.

Can anyone tell me if I should be able to do what I want or is it
If I should be able to do it where would I find instructions on how to
set it up including any hardware/software I'd need to purchase?

Jim Mitchell

2/3/2005 1:10:10 AM
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