Ann: ActiveDeveloper 2.14 released on Mac OS X 10.2/10.1

ActiveDeveloper 2.14 released for MacOS X 10.2 and 10.1

Our Incremental Objective-C & C IDE, JIT compiler and Debugger
Your companion for Cocoa and now also QuickTime

Along with Cocoa, ActiveDeveloper v2.14 now also work with QuickTime 
applications in Objective-C. There is a new QTMovie example implementing 
a simple QuickTime Movie Player - to show you how it works.

ActiveDeveloper v2.14 also has the 3. release of the "ActiveDeveloper User Guide"
incorporating most of the user feedback we have had so far and giving a new
Sample 3 of Activating the QTMovie player example for use with ActiveDeveloper.

Send us an email, when you want to try ActiveDeveloper with your own projects.
We are quite successful in helping developers get interactive with their own 
Objective-C projects via email support.

If you have any Sample Objective-C code Activated with ActiveDeveloper, then
we would love to hear about it, or if you want to try and Activate some Sample 
Objective-C code with ActiveDeveloper, then we will help you via email support.

Download from:

Information at,

Feedback is very welcome at:

Have a good day,
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