Steve Jobs and the hijacking of Apple Inc. and its assets

Steve Jobs and his partners and workers, by keeping Mac as an
alternative to MS , and working with Linux , kept the Web alive ,
growing and well , thank you Steve Jobs !!!

And now a new generation must keep on fighting for an open ,
creative , smart and free Web , and that's why the news from the new
chairman of Apple, Levinson , and his partner Drexel and others that
they are going to invest 500 million dollars in a fabless company ,
Anobit from Israel , and open there also an R&D center and invest on
it hundreds of millions of dollars more , makes me ask some  very
simple questions :

a ) would Steve Jobs have paid so much money for Anobit ? NO, never.

b ) and would  have he open a key research center in the Middle East ?

c ) does Anobit is worth 500 million dollars to Apple ? NO

 d) and can they install a Trojan Horse and back door on the silicon
and the software ? YES

e ) would Jobs have made Levinson the chairman of the Board ? NO , he
most probably would have choose Cook , his trusted partner.

f ) does the new chairman Levinson ( and the Board's Compensation
Comm. ) is giving himself and some of them huge multi-million stock-
option plans and perks ? YES

g )  are they planning in moving Intellectual Property and other vital
APPLE assets to that Middle East  country ? YES

h ) does the family of Steve Jobs, all the stockholders and
bondholders , retirees and workers of Apple know all the perks ,
salaries and bonuses Levinson is giving to himself and some of his new
associates ? NO

Is this legal ? if they are not breaking the Law, they will show to
the above all the new contracts, compensations , transfers of assets ,
NEW DEBT and Bonds , laws and executive and Board decisions ,etc.,
right ?

i ) Will the 80 billion dollars ( +/- ) in cash reserves of Apple Inc.
get new managers ? new advisers ? new bankers ? new fees? has there
been any changes in those  assets since the death of Steve Jobs?   ,
will they tell the above ? will any money be left in 48 months ? NO

If I was in the Intelligence and Military Community I would never use
Apple's with those  new manipulated chips, they can be like Carrier IQ
on steroids, on the silicon, a disaster of a leak , and then some....I
would use only Apple's with secure chips from known secure factories ,

The Stockholders and Bondholders of Apple should get all the answers
from Levinson and the  Board at once since they are not breaking any
laws and trusts , right?

Will some one demand all the answers ?

Apple is a very important company for America and the World, we cannot
have anyone play games and tricks with it.

Apple needs a new chairman right now, someone like Cook, and a new
fresh Board.

12/17/2011 7:05:33 PM
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