Can't see files on the network

This is driving me nuts. The VERY FIRST thing I did when I got my Mac 
was to connect to the PC on the network. I moved all my Firefox and 
Thunderbird files over to the Mac.

Then the PC was turned off for 2 years. :D

I've turned it back on now and I CANNOT see the files from either side. 
Both sides show the other machine. When I try to see the files from 
either side, I'm asked for a password. I haven't set one on either share 
on the PC side. I don't remember how I made a shared folder on the Mac 

The PC is part of a workgroup called MalcolmO. It also sees a workgroup 
named Workgroup. The Mac sees both workgroups. Both sides ask for a 
password. It's not the password for the user I am on either machine.

What's the DEAL?!?!?!  Why doesn't it work? When I'd never used a Mac 
and knew nothing, it worked fine. After 2 years of using the Mac, it 
won't work anymore. What's the deal?

TIA for replies.
user3 (1546)
10/9/2006 6:08:39 PM
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