Damaged (then fixed) Mac OS 10.4.2 disk using old 4.0.1 of Tech Tool Pro

I, like it would appear many others, ran an 'old' version of Tech Tool 
Pro to test a 10.4.2 disk. This resulted in the disk being damaged and 
being unmountable. I was unable to repair the disk using latest veriosn (
4.0.5) of Tech Tool Pro

I have now fixed the disk and I hope my solution may be of value to 

1) Installed 10.3 on an external disk. Booting from 10.4 disk was unable 
to mount the damaged drive so I figured that the old TTP damaged 
structures that were added between 10.3 and 10.4
Booting from this disk resulted in damaged disk being viewable with all 
contents readable. Could still not fix with First Aid etc.

2) Used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy damaged disk contents to second 
partition on boot disk. Formated damaged disk and restored data using 
Carbon Copy Cloner. Checked disk using Disk Utility. All seems OK. And 
at the moment it is rebuilding the (Spotlight) Index, which, perhaps 
with other things, ios, I suppect, are the differences which stop older 
disk utilities fixing 10.4 disks. 
9/7/2005 11:28:31 PM
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