Mac suddenly won't mount USB devices

Dual 1Gig G4 desktop Mac with 10.4.11.

I have a LAN with other Macs, an HP file server, and an EEE PC, all of
which my Mac can connect to. I have a Nuvi GPS and a Giga Vu Pro
Evolution, both of which are USB 2.0 devices. I have installed a USB
2.0 card, which both USB devices mounted from in the past. Today,
neither USB device will mount on the Mac either from the installed card
or the standard USB 1.x connector on the Mac.

I can get the Giga Vu Pro Evolution to mount on my EEE and connect to
it from the Mac through the LAN when I mount the EEE on my Mac. But no
USB device mounts.

Flash drives that should have a light that comes on and flicker during
access have no light when connected to any USB port on the Mac. Did I
blow a fuse? :-> I don't seen to have any power through the ports,
although my keyboard and mouse (both USB 1.x) work fine.


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12/9/2007 1:07:15 AM
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