Mail Glitch After 10.5.3 Update-Resolved

I updated 3 Macs to 10.5.3 with great success except for one small 
glitch on my husband's G4 iBook:  he was no longer able to send email.  
I did all the usual things, including DU, permissions, reboot, etc, to 
no avail.  His settings looked fine; the SMTP read exactly as it should 
have, including the ports and advanced settings.  But he kept getting an 
error message (no number) that the server was unable to verify his 
identity or some such nonsense.  

I re-entered his settings & PW and that did not work.  I contacted our 
ISP and they gave me a temporary, trouble-shooting address to use.  That 
resulted in a discovery that despite what the settings had indicated in 
the Mail preferences, and despite the correct setting I was entering, 
Mail was using an *old* SMTP setting from two years ago.  I still do not 
understand how that happened--- maybe some kind of pref file corruption.  
No matter how many times I tried re-doing the setting, it did not work.  
To resolve this problem, I had to delete ALL his Mail accounts and start 
over with the "Welcome to Mail" screen.  Only then did Mail finally use 
the correct setting.

This happened on only one of our three Macs.  Very weird.

wyvern (419)
6/9/2008 3:03:25 PM
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