On Mac OS X 10.1.5, QuickTime, iTunes. IE 5 die

I have an old beige G3 tower.  I have been unable to
install 10.2.  It always hangs during the install.  First
this was on the second CD installing the printing drivers.
Now the install dies on the first CD.  I have purchased
and installed the Rev. C PROMs.  The machine is a PowerPC G3 tower,
266 MHz, 384 MB.  I run from an external 32 GB SCSI on a 5.85 GB
partition.  I have a small 10.1.5 system on the internal 6 GB
ATA drive on a 5.84 GB partition.  I could not boot from any larger 
partition.  I also have addon FireWire and USB cards.  DiskWarrior
with Mac OS x 10.2 boots and runs.  I occasionally have problems
getting 10.1.5 running.

All this aside, I have had a problem where something changes
in the OS which causes IE 5 to die.  This is due to IE 5 being
unable to access QuickTime at startup.  Trying QuickTime reports a
network error.  This time iTunes also dies during startup.  The last
time this happened I had to reinstall from the beginning using
the 10.0 CDs.  During the past year I have purchased a digital
camera and now have a number of tools installed for 10.1.5.  I
have also tried to find and install as many 10.1.5. tools that
still exist.

When this happened Netscape is no longer able to play the new mail
sound.  I installed FireFox which works OK for now w/o QuickTime.

I do not feel confident this time in a full reinstall.

Any quick fixes or suggestions.

rclaeson (7)
11/4/2005 12:08:21 AM
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