USB 3.0 Hub treatment of USB 2.0 connections.

My old USB 2.0 hub (7 port with external power) had been getting 
increasingly flaky over time with various devices dropping out and 
re-connecting (printer, keyboard wireless receiver and so on) so I 
bought a new one.  An Anker 7 port USB 3.0 with ext. p/s.

I had no USB 3.0 peripherals when I first hooked it up.

When looking at system profiler there were no USB 3.0 devices - not even 
the hub - showing.  Fastest interface was shown as 480 Mb/s.

Today I received a couple USB 3.0 docks and after initially hooking them 
straight to the Mac, I tried, as an experiment, passing the USB 3.0 
through the hub.

Did not connect.

So I powered off the hub and disconnected it from the Mac, then 
reconnected it all.

The disk appeared.  And the Highspeed USB 3.0 appeared in profile (at 5 

So once it's running with USB 2.0 devices only connected, the hub 
doesn't take to new 3.0 devices showing up.  Once they're there, it's 
fine.  Copy rate via the hub from the disk on the 3.0 was the same as a 
direct connection.  (I've since put the USB 3.0 disk directly to the 

I had assumed that USB 2.0 traffic would be "wrapped" in USB 3.0 and 
passed to the computer and unwrapped.  But it appears it remains 
electrically and logically USB 2.0.  (Then I found this:
implying that USB 2.0 and 3.0 follow different hardware paths (not clear 
if those are "logical" paths but clearly USB 2.0 traffic is not 
"wrapped" in USB 3.0 for transport from the hub to the computer.

Insights anyone?

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Dear all, Could I use a win32 function to get the USB port is suport USB 1.1 or USB 2.0? I want to write a program to access the USB devices and show them is in the USB 1.1 or USB 2.0. Could everyone help me to find the function call? Or where I can find any relative information? Thanks. ---Ted Hi, Well, removable ms-dos devices such as USBs can be accessed through the \\\\.\\PhysicalDrive#. Call the API QueryDosDevice(), and get a list of all existing MS-DOS device names. You can also use the function DefineDosDevice() to define the device name as well. That said, whe...

Please can anyone tell me if this is OK? I really need some feedback, as I've got major storage problems!!! Ta http://www.ok2bid.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=471073511735 ...

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