Re: please help with using an old palm pilot (3xe or 3.5) as a backup for a new palm pilot (zire 71 os5)

I used to beam the datebook, contact and memo files to an old Palm using beambox so I always would have a backup if I lost my Palm (a 505 then).  However, that program will probably not run on the Zire.  You would anyway have to find something similar allowing you to beam any file.

Re charging: In case you go by car or get close to a computer with USB:  I bought a Belkin USB charger with a car lighter plug for less than �10.  StylusCentral may have something you can use here http://www.styluscentral.com/styluscentralcom/pdacach.html

The difficult way: You can export the datebook + address books from the Zire desktop and import it into the Palm III desktop just before going off.  When you get back, you do the opposite.

Hope any of this helps.


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else come across a similar problem to my own
and had a solution.

I recently purchased a Palm Zire 71 running OS 5.
I have been very happy with it, although I don't like to bring it with
me on long trips because I don't want to fork over $40 for a
travelling charger and it doesn't have replaceable batteries (yeah,
I'm cheap).
I do have a palm III xe (OS 3.5) which I bought the Zire 71 to

I want to copy all of my notepad and address and datebook files over
to my III xe (which has been hard reset and erased) as a backup in
case I ever lose or break my Zire 71, and also for travelling (as it
takes AAA batteries).

Does anyone know a simple way to do this?

I have crashed my IIIxe a bunch of times just trying to hotsync it
using the new desktop/hotsync software that came with the Zire 71.

thanks a bunch

2/22/2004 9:48:53 PM
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