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this degenerate into tyranny! That is why Christ has laid down for them
this precept: Vos autem non sic.[217]

873. The Pope hates and fears the learned, who do not submit to him at will.

874. We must not judge of what the Pope is by some words of the Fathers--as
the Greeks said in a council, important rules--but by the acts of the Church
and the Fathers, and by the canons.

Duo[218] aut tres.219 In unum. Unity and plurality. It is an error to
exclude one of the two, as the papists do who exclude plurality, or the
Huguenots who exclude unity.

875. Would the Pope be dishonoured by having his knowledge from God and
tradition; and is it not dishonouring him to separate him from this holy

876. God does not perform miracles in the ordinary conduct of His Church. It
would be a strange miracle if infallibility existed in one man. But it
appears so natural for it to reside in a multitude, since the conduct of God
is hidden under nature, as in all His other works.

877. Kings dispose of their own po

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