Sinclair QL preservation program

Hi to all guys there!

I'm Simon from Italy and I'm a QL preserver.

Here you are our site that talks about our "mad" project:


The list of the preserved programs is updated regualarly every week.

Our team of programmers have writte 2 new programs "mDump 2" and "mDoubler"

that can dump virtually all Microdrive programs (with all protecition schemes)

and recreate it on a real MD support (responged naturally).

We are attempting to found all original programs on MD and preserve it.

I've found many things in these last 3 years of the project but we need help.

If someone have some MD's of Floppyes (original or backupped) we would like

to preserve, dump, and resend wihtout any costs for you.

I also found and preserve all ZX81 tapes (I've a lot that are MIA) and Sam

Coupe' floppies too.

So who wants can contact me on the e-mail on our site or via this list that I

use to read directly on my QL via an italian BBS ;)

Best regards to all and SINCLAIR FOREVER!!!


9/17/2016 5:14:00 AM
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