Sinclair Retro BBS updates

Hi to all there ;)

Just want to let you know about or latest improvements on our Retro BBS:

a)  Linux applications operable via Sinclair Machines (Calendar, Calculator,
network analyzer, the ARPANET)

b) such FXnet newsgroups, Usenet (with the legendary COMP.SYS.SINCLAIR) and
active Retronet for messages both in reception and sending customized per user

c) Inter chat that allows you to connect all of the Mystic BBS group and chat
with them as well as see which users of each BBS is connected or not to the
system in real time

d) text-based Web browser that allows your to be able to surf the internet
Retro Machines

e) Electronic Mail: dedicated box BBS connected with Italian and English
Mailing list Sinclair with the possibility of user response with the BBS

f) IRC finally available and connected directly to QLFORUM English channel

g) Feeds associated with Italian ML and our project Preservation QL

h) over 32,000 files available for our beloved (for still being tested right
now, are not enabled downloads for copyright reasons and material selection)
Other interesting features are in development.

For connect it directly via a Sinclair machine please watch my video here (in
Italian from now): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvgtBJeej9M We are waiting,
even just to say hello or leave a comment.

Good Retro passion at all!!!


11/19/2016 11:02:00 PM
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