SN#10373 Tutorial on Java[TM] DataBase Connectivity API Database Access

Vol 65 Issue 2 2003-07-07  Article 10373 from section "Java Technology"

     "Keeping Simple Things Simple"

        The tutorial on Java[TM] DataBase Connectivity (JDBC[TM]) API Database
        Access by Maydene Fisher covers the basics of the API features of
        version 2.0. Fisher states, "The JDBC API was designed to keep simple
        things simple. This means that the JDBC API makes everyday database
        tasks, like simple SELECT statements, very easy."

        This trail (section in the tutorial) is divided into two lessons, JDBC
        Basics and New Features in the JDBC 2.0 API:

        JDBC Basics covers the JDBC 1.0 API, which is included in Java[TM]
        Development Kit (JDK[TM]) 1.1. The second part covers the JDBC 2.0 API,
        which is part of the JDK 1.2 release. The basics are: getting started
        with the download, setting up a database (the coffeebreak example is
        used), establishing a connection with the DBMS, setting up tables and
        how to use them.

        In the New Features section of the tutorial the topics covered include:
        how to move the cursor in a scrollable result set, how to update result
        sets using the JDBC 2.0 API and how to make batch updates. Also covered
        is: SQL3 datatypes and how to use them in an application written in the
        Java programming language. The JDBC 2.0 API provides interfaces that
        represent the mapping of these SQL3 datatypes into the Java programming

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