SN#11451 Downloads for Sun Fire[TM] Blade Servers, Sun Fire[TM] V60x Servers & Sun Fire[TM] V65x Servers

Vol 69 Issue 2 2003-11-10  Article 11451 from section "Entry Level Servers"

     Link to Installation Guide

        Sun Fire[TM] B100x / B200x, 1.0

        This is the blade installation software for supported Linux releases. It
        should be added to a standard copy of the appropriate Red Hat Linux
        distribution on a PXE install server.

        The Sun Fire B100s Blade Server is a single processor SPARC[R] server
        that is hosted in the Sun Fire[TM] B1600 Blade System Chassis, a 16
        slot, 3U intelligent shelf offering an integrated Gigabit Ethernet
        switch fabric, fully redundant components, and 5x server density over
        typical one processor 1U servers. 

        The source download contains the source code which can be used to build
        the blade support drivers and utilities:


        Sun Fire[TM] V60x Server and Sun Fire[TM] V65x Server: Red Hat Linux 9
        Server Management

        This download includes revised server management packages for using Red
        Hat Linux 9 with the Sun Fire V60x or Sun Fire V65x servers. For the
        download, see:


        Section 4 of the Linux installation guide for the Sun Fire V60x and Sun
        Fire V65x servers provides steps on how to install Red Hat Linux 9
        software using supplemental drivers provided on the Sun Web site, and
        installation steps for working from CDs and a network. Required items
        are listed, an optional service partition instruction is included.

        For the whole guide, including section 4, see:


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